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10 video transitions in motion graphics

Template 10 Video Transitions with Motion Graphics 10 video transition templates. PNG image sequence files, and source files [SIF] from SYNFIG. You can edit colors directly over the PNG files inside your video editor, or editing the source files in SYNFIG....

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Blender – Second motion using relations

Blender - Second motion using relations Second motion animation using Blender. This is a character from a template that you can get at my course. Soundtrack: Plastic Jazz Follow me.. I follow you! Keyn Project Creative Commons Ricardo Graça Writter,...

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Ricardo Graça

Writter, competent in several multimedia creation areas. Experienced in producing and directing videos, animations, interactive content and e-books.

Entrepreneur, graduated in Literature and Mastering in Communication, partner-director in RME Communication and consulting; in Brazil, and in Roteiros e Poetas LDA; in Portugal.

He has worked as a producer and teacher in cultural and educational projects, attending institutions such as Secretaria de Estado de Cultura, Cidadela Arte e Cultura, Cinema Nosso, SESC. Projects: 2 books published, 5 animated short films, 3 published mini-games for the Web, and Google Play.

Rico brings together all the technical qualities pertinent to a "professional" and adds to these qualities an extraordinary capacity to interpret what the other person really needs from his work force, being able to offer answers to demands not explained by us, in order to guarantee a better result for our projects.

That's why Rico is much more than just a professional: he is an accomplice in the pursuit of quality of what we do!

Davy Alexandrisky

Photographer and Cultural Producer, Campus Avançado

Ricardo is an extremely capable, shrewd and fast professional, who since the early days used free software and dominates the whole process of pre-production and audiovisual post-production. In addition, it is extremely generous and has an unmatched ability to adapt to customers' workloads, quickly mastering what it takes to complete the tasks. He is also a great illustrator and animator, with deep knowledge in creating games and applications.

Alexandre Bersot

Illustrator and film-maker

Rico is the typical modern professional, an artist who knows technology and is able to travel through all audiovisual languages. In addition to all his technical and artistic skills, Rico is a face with latent social issues in the contemporary world.

Through his films and games he has been working to build a better world for young people and children from the periphery.

Luís Lomenha

Film-maker, Jabuti Filmes

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